Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Other things I enjoy.

More things I enjoy...If you missed my first list, you can find it here.

  • Parallel parking in a spot the exact size of your car, especially if other people saw you do it because you know what they were thinking.  
  • Seeing celebrities without make up.  Stars, they're just like us!  Tired and shitty looking.
  • When you check behind the shower curtain and no one is there to murder you.
  • Running into you ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend and realizing you are actually way better looking than she is, and you are not just telling yourself that this time.
  • Laughing so hard you almost pee your pants.
  • Not being able to breathe after your friend actually does.
  • Waking up with out a hangover when let's be honest, you totally deserve one (maybe two).
  • Looking back at old photos, seeing how ridiculous you looked, and remembering how fabulous you thought you were.
  • Feeling like Martha fucking Stewart because you cooked something that didn't come out of a box for once. 
  • Beef jerky.  No joke here.  I am dead serious when it comes to beef jerky.
  • Entering the house after a long night out, being able to throw your heels into oblivion, and screaming,"I hate you! I never want to see you again!" while you do.
  • Text message conversations so witty they should be a dialogue on a sitcom or we should at least get a reality show since we are so much more entertaining than those Hills bitches.
  • That perfect sleeping position where are you are so comfortable you could die and you wouldn't care if you did as long as you get to sleep like that forever.  
  • Singing along to your favorite song, at the top of your lungs, with the windows down and not giving a single fuck who hears.
  • When someone asks if you have lost weight when really you have just gotten better at hiding your fat.
  • Being drunk and thinking you can dance like Beyonce'.  
  • Being super drunk and knowing you can.

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