Friday, November 2, 2012

This is why I drink.

I know you saw the title so you were expecting to see things that agitate me so badly they lead me to alcoholism, but I also want to drink when things are just going my way. This week I thought I would list some things that make me so happy, I just want to pair them up with an alcoholic beverage.  Who doesn't like a celebratory cocktail?

When you go out to eat, have something amazing, and have left overs.  Some how you managed to not inhale all of the culinary masterpiece that made your taste buds dance. The whole day at work, it's all you can think about because you can't wait to get home and relive the magic from last night.  Turn the lights down, have a glass of wine, and take your time.  You don't want to rush this...

Driving home from work and hitting every green light. Don't you just want to high five all your neighbors you pass on the way to your door?  You have 28 extra minutes of your life back so poor that glass of champagne.  It's a celebration, bitches.

The nights where you have about 19 drinks and 24 shots but wake up feeling great.  You even stocked up on Gatorade in anticipation of your demise, but hallelujah.  You're alive! It's a miracle you don't have a hangover, let alone alcohol poisoning so doesn't it make sense to reward yourself with a Bloody Mary?  Go ahead, you deserve it.

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