Thursday, October 18, 2012


For those of you who missed last night/this morning’s festivities, I got into a twitter war with Jenna Jameson (and her followers).  I know what you’re thinking… who gets into an argument with a former porn star over the internet?  Well I do of course!  I DO NOT follow her on twitter, nor would I normally care about ANYTHING she has to say, but a friend of mine happened to re-tweet something she posted about President Obama which I found very humorous: “Dear Mr President, stop partying with Jay-Z and Beyonce and focus on your JOB.  Our troops are dying while you are acting like a socialite.”  I simply told her she should focus on her job and “Get fucked.”   She then responded promptly, and I had to put her in her place again.  
I haven’t heard anything else from her, but her Republican fan club has been verbally attacking me all day.  Seriously, this all started because I insulted a porn star.  A FUCKING porn star with a new found passion for politics. No one else finds this concept amusing?
I have been called every name in the book, told everything that is wrong with my physical appearance, and called uneducated. I guess my three college degrees are not enough for some people to think I am more intelligent than a washed up adult film star.  I must have missed her valedictorian speech at Harvard.  ValenDICtorian…ah, so many jokes.
I didn’t bother to respond to them individually but rather as a whole with, “I think a really good way to get your political views across intelligently is to insult my physical appearance.  Nice job people with out avatars.”  I know personally it really hurts my feelings when people (so hideous they can’t even rally up one decent photo suitable for a profile picture) point out whatever flaws they think I have.  You really told me Mr. nameless, faceless, tough guy behind a computer screen.  I just may lose sleep over this, never.
So many people are idiots that if I had to write each of them back individually, I wouldn’t have time to keep all of you entertained with all my random antics. I promise to continue to be me and say what I want regardless if complete strangers want to tear me a new one over the internet or not. I’m taking one for the team, Miss Jameson…not “taking one from the team”…there’s a difference.

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