Thursday, October 18, 2012

Why I look so good for my age (it's not as vain as it sounds).

If you know me (and I am not lying about my age), then you know I am 31. Thirty one is a scary age for a woman.  I think it is the equivalent to 147 in girl years.  It’s usually around the time society stops considering women to be hot or desirable in a way we were in our 20s.  However,  I still get hit on by boys in their early twenties, and compared to most people I went to high school with, I still look fairly similar to how I looked back then.  I have even been referred to as a “Twinkie” by my old roommate Mike since he says I don’t ever age.  I have done my fair share of partying, drinking, you name it, so I could easily look like a current version of Lindsay Lohan, or even worse Christina Aguilera (shudder), but I don’t. I believe there is a reason for this besides good genes (thank you mom)…
It’s simple. I don’t really worry.  I am generally stress free.  When a problem arises, I take a step back and assess the situation.  I ask myself, “Should I really be getting upset over this?” or “Will this matter in five years?” Most of the time, the answer is no, there are worse things that can happen or bigger problems which could occur.  For example, let’s say it’s early morning, and I have to get up and go to work (and I really don’t want to go), I stop to think about how I am lucky to have a job to go to while many do not or how I am able to get out of bed while some people are bedridden and can not.  I therefore think about how good I really have it so off to work I go.  
Stuck in traffic?  Ready to kill everyone?  At least you have a car and somewhere to go (work, home, etc).  You have the radio so put on some good tunes because the traffic is going to happen whether you are going to scream and induce an aneurysm or not so enjoy the ride.
I recently got a tattoo that reads, “In this moment I am happy.”  I was in San Diego, having an amazing night with some of my favorite people in the world, when I got that “Sunday feeling.”  You know, the one where you can be having a great weekend then the thought of work or school (or whatever is not as fun is going to happen Monday morning) creeps in then you get a little sad.  I had to stop and remind myself no matter what is about to happen, “In this moment I am happy.”  It has really put a new perspective on my life.  
Less than desirable situations are always going to pop up at the most inconvenient times , but it truly is how you choose to deal with them that makes you either a happy or miserable person. Life is short and can be pretty amazing if you let it be, so stop stressing, getting upset or worrying about things out of your control because after all, worrying does nothing but cause wrinkles.  This is why I look so good for 31.  

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